Meteor Remnant Essence (MRE)

💬 How is MRE used in Knight War The Holy Trio?
👉 MRE, or Meteor Remnant Essence is the game token of Knight War The Holy Trio. All players can earn MRE from the game by playing Single Player Mode as well as Multiplayer Mode. When there is enough community interest and votes, the MRE can be pushed to the exchange like the ecosystem's KWS token.
👉 Become a Knight War warrior and earn MRE by completing in-game tasks. The rewards you receive after completing tasks such as Campaign, Boss Hunt, ... can also have different amounts of MRE. Additionally, the MRE is BEP-20 compatible, which means that the token can be traded with all other BEP-20 compatible tokens. MRE will not be used to buy, sell, or exchange NFT in the NFT Marketplace of Knight War The Holy Trio, the number of MRE players earn in 1 day or 1 month will be limited to prevent inflation.