Amateur's Guide

Dear our precious Warriors,
To help you quickly understand how Knight War works and enhance your play-to-earn experience, we introduce you to KNIGHT WAR: AMATEURS’ GUIDE BOOK. If you are new to us, feel free to take a look at the tutorial below!
Here’s everything you need for the preparation!
❤️ About KWS and how to earn KWS: (read me!)
❤️ How to trade KWS on PancakeSwap: (video)
(KWS Official Contract Address: 0x5d0e95c15ca50f13fb86938433269d03112409fe)
❤️ How to trade KWS using KWS/USDT trading pair on (read me!)
❤️ How to download and use Metamask: (read me!)
❤️ How to download and use Trust Wallet: (read me!)
❤️ How to stake on BSCStation: (read me!) (Link Video)
❤️ How to farm on BSCStation: (read me!) (Link Video)
❤️ How to farm on Pancakeswap: (read me!) (Link Video)
❤️ MRE Guide: (read me!)
❤️ How To Transfer MRE From In-game To Marketplace Wallet: (read me!)
Now, only resold Boxes are available!
❤️ How to Buy, Resell, Open Boxes, and Check your NFT weapons: (read me!)
Don’t forget that our Beta game version is still on until the Official Game Launch on November 30th! The Whitelist will be updated every day at 10:00 UTC and 17:00 UTC so hurry up and join us, following the instructions below!
❤️ How to register for Whitelist: (read me!)
❤️ How to Install and Log in Beta game: (read me!)
Just for you to know, playing Campaign mode could make a maximum of 150 MRE/ day! Let’s enjoy and play!
❤️ How to bring your NFT weapons into Beta game: (read me!)
❤️ How to craft NTF weapons in Beta game: (read me!)