Knight War: The Holy Trio is developed by a dedicated team, cofounded by our veteran-game-developer Mike Ta and gamer-at-heart Harris Nguyen. The team has also enlisted Phong Nguyen, also a hard-core gamer and Marketing Professional as the CMO.

Mike Ta - CEO - Cofounder

Mike has been in love with mathematics and IT for a long time. From a young intern at small game studios, he has worked and built his own Game Studio. TDCGames Studio is the author of many featured Idle Defense games on Google Play as well as the Appstore, namely Zombie Idle Defense, Knight War Idle Defense, which has garnered millions of downloads.
Knight War: The Holy Trio is Mike’s answer to the call of gamers for a good blockchain game with decent gameplay. Mike believes that the Idle Defense Game Genre is a good fit for the current market with its unique features. Under Mike’s leadership, Knight War: The Holy Trio will try to deliver what we have promised, for no less and hopefully a lot more.

Harris Nguyen - COO - Cofounder

Harris has been playing video games since he first held the SNES controller in the early 2000s. At the time, not many families could afford a computer set or a game console so Harris had to go to his richer neighbor to try these new technologies. And he has been in love with them until today. Harris is also a mindful living practitioner, trying to build products that could help everyone slow down in this busy society.
Harris is in charge of improving Knight War: The Holy Trio’s Game Design, Contents, and Team Operation. He understands that Knight War: The Holy Trio should not try to be a feature-rich blockchain game with deep stories and extensive gameplay, but rather a down-to-earth, mid-core, fun, and casual game. He believes in its potential to help people relax. Under Harris’s guide, Knight War will try its best to steer clear from becoming a toxic and addictive game. Harris and the team are working extra hard to build a sea of free premium content that could put a smile on your face while playing the game.

Game Development Team

The game development team is supported by 3 gamers & developers who have worked with Mike for a long time: Vien Ninh, our Unity Developer; Dennis Tran and Nhan Ninh, our Game Designers, who all came from a strong mathematical background. Dennis is also an amazing animation artist.

Blockchain Development Team

On the blockchain side, all of the work is led by our dear Tony Vu. Regarded as “The Monster'' by many, Tony is a pure coder. Apart from being fluent in Solidity, he is also a full-stack developer. With Tony as our Blockchain Expert, players can feel safer when trading KWS, MRE as well as the NFTs.

Marketing & Content Team

All of our Landing Page, Marketplace, Litepaper, and Banners are designed by Duy Tran, Phuong Smile, and Tham Luong. They work super hard to make sure every content we publish is well presented to the public. The Content and Marketing team is led by our CMO Phong Nguyen, supported by Rose Tran, who both have spent years promoting mobile games and MMORPGs. With this amazing team, Knight War: The Holy Trio is very confident in its ability to succeed.