Completed Milestones

Firstly, let’s take a look back at our completed milestones:
    Q1 2021
      Idea Incubation
      Team formation
      Research & Development
    Q2 2021
      Partners & Backer Contact
      Building Community
    Q3 2021
      Token IDO

Upcoming Roadmap

In the upcoming months, we will proceed to launch the game as well as many important updates. The next milestone will be in Q4 2021 when we expect to release the alpha version of the game as well as some initial contents like NFT Marketplace, World Boss Hunt, Passive Rewards, etc. After done playtesting and bugs fixing, the official version will be released in Quarter 1, 2022 together with PVP contents and New Classes, New NFT Items. Later 2022, we plan to launch Cardano and Ethereum cross-chain and introduce Land NFT and Land Sale features. Moreover, Knight War The Holy Trio Franchise: Standalone VR Metaverse will also be experimented during this time.
    Q4 2021
      NFT Weapon Sales On Marketplace
      Game Alpha release with Play-To-Earn features
      Campaign, Boss Hunt, Passive Rewards
    Q1 2022
      Official Game Launch
      PvP Arena Alpha
      Unlock Demons as a new Playable Class, New NFT Weapon Type
    Q2 2022
      Official PvP launch
      More NFT items: Armor and Ring
    Q3 2022 And Onwards
      Cardano And Ethereum Cross-chain Support
      Land NFT Sales And Land Gameplay Alpha
      Knight War Brand Franchise: Standalone VR Metaverse
      PvP VR Version Alpha
Knight War The Holy Trio's Roadmap
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