Weapons' Part
Each weapon, when crafted will have its own 4 base stats: Damage, Speed, Critical Chance, and Health. Wielders will gain the corresponding stats as well as the additional buff (if any) that weapon brings.
Each weapon will have 3 different parts and each of these parts has a total number of 20 different pieces. For example, Sword has 20 different grips, 20 guards, and 20 blades. The idea is that there are 20 Origin Swords but then each of these swords is divided into smaller components. Players can mint an NFT sword from the combination of any grip, guard, and blade but if you manage to successfully mint an Origin Sword, the buff you can get is massive! The same thing goes for Bow and Staff with 20 Origin Bows and 20 Origin Staffs. Thanks to this diverse system of components, the algorithm has generated 24,000 distinctive NFT weapons.
The weapon NFTs have been designed very carefully. These 12 million weapons come from a secret number of original, hand-drawn, unique stock. The game mechanics will keep the chance for the same NFT weapon being crafted close to 0, guaranteeing the rarity and uniqueness of your NFT asset.
Sword's Part Name
Bow's Part Name
Staff's Part Name
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