NFT Weapon Materials
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Thousands of years ago on the peaceful land of Kahlla, many different races like Humans, Elves, Florians, Elementals, Beasts, Demons, etc lived together peacefully. The terrible meteor shower disaster caused the creatures on Kahlla to be greatly affected. Therefore, after the catastrophe, the tribes gathered and signed a peace treaty to rebuild Kahlla's peace and development. Not long after, the Demons discovered the secret hidden in the meteor's fossils. They absorbed the power and grew large, and gained the ability to heal and resist conventional weapons in Kahlla. The Devils kept this secret for themselves with the ambition to monopolize and rule Kahlla. The dark ages of Kahlla after the meteor shower really began. At the same time, the Alliance was made to bring back peace to Kahlla.
The Knight War broke out and the secret to stopping the growth of Demons is the energy of the meteor shower of the past. So the brave knights of Kahlla set out to find the alien materials from these remnants to forge a weapon that could defeat the Demon. Each material will determine the color of the weapon part. In addition, each of these colors designates a special skill of the crafted item. For example: a Sword with a Gray grip, a Red guard, and a Green blade will have 2 special skills, Explosion and Double Slash. The Knights War army has found eight materials that can be used to forge into their weapons, and the journey to find these materials has not been easy.
1. Normal
Deep inside the rainforests of Mirkwood, the tree demon Mother Thorn is gradually evolving larger, more ferocious to prevent the knights from accessing the source of Gray Material (Normal). Tree Devils use ranged attacks and special skills that make the warriors need a reasonable strategy to defeat them. Overcoming the small carnivorous tree demons and defeating Mother Thorn, the warriors will find a lot of Normal material. These silver-gray fossils are among the most common of the eight found.
2. Explosive
Crossing the dangerous Dead Swamp, defeating the small demons and the fierce Mother Thorn tree demon and their Boss Stone Golem, we will find the red fossils (Explosive). These fossils have absorbed the power of volcanic lava over hundreds of years, which has become very powerful. It grants the Stone Golem the fire power of lava and your weapon will gain an extra skill especially Explosion when forged from Explosive.
3. Bashing
The Plateau of Gorgoroth is where the Azuhans are guarding with the support of Mother Thorn. They keep the secret of the brown fossil (Bashing). When forging with this material, your weapon will stun the enemies when casting. Azuhan's little demons have the ability to hide from enemies, so to find Bashing Material you have to be extremely careful.
4. Poisonous
The blue fossils (Poisonous) will be found in the Last Desert, a once crowded and peaceful savanna. Now with the support of the Stone Golem, the Black Hand becomes increasingly fierce and strong. Your weapon when possessing the power of Poisonous, the attacks hit will have more poison that causes deep and hard-to-heal wounds to the enemy.
5. Icy
The Ices Mountains, the northern permafrost, give the fossils here invincible ice power. Icy (blue fossils) are crystals that bring slow attacks and massive damage to enemies. Overcoming the harsh terrain of the iceberg and the crowded army of small demons, warriors also have to face the stubborn Mother Thorn boss behind. Finding Icy is undoubtedly a very difficult challenge.
6. Enhanced
A purple material that has the ability to upgrade the strength of your weapon is called Enhanced. Warriors can find them in the Dead Desert mountains where Mother Thorn and the Black Hand raged. You will have to be very careful when coming here because the demons can disguise themselves anywhere to sneak up on your team. What's better than owning a weapon that can upgrade not only 1 and 3 skills, right?
7. Duplicating
Don't forget that you can also double your damage when you forge a Duplicating sword (green material). A Maximus who can use Moon Slash 2 times in a row, a Sam who makes 2 Ice novas, and a Mel that shoots 2 Piercing arrows will be the nightmare to every enemy. Plateau Wind is where our warriors can find the magical Duplicating material.
8. Enraged
The Dark Forest, the forest that holds the wrath of the Devils, is the place where yellow fossils (Enraged) are formed. This place gathers all the evilest demons in Kahlla and is also the most dangerous place. But when overcoming all the dangers from the forest, the warriors will find an ingredient that can help their weapons increase a significant amount of damage. Be well prepared before entering the forest!
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