Weapons' Buff

1. Weapon Material's Buff

Knight War The Holy Trio also introduces a material mechanism where there are 8 discrete materials depicted in 8 different colors. The Crafting Materials will decide the weapon’s part’s color. In addition, each of these colors specifies a special skill of the crafted item. For example, a Sword with a Grey grip, a Red guard, and a Green blade will have 2 special skills: Explosion and Duplicating Slash. The detail is described in the table below:
20 different weapon parts intertwined with 8 distinctive crafting materials lead us to an impressive number of 12,288,000 mintable unique NFT weapons in the game.
Weapon Material's Buff summary:
  • A weapon with 2 parts made from the same material will receive a buff.
  • A weapon with all 3 parts made from the same material will receive a massive buff and is very valuable.

2. Weapon Parts' Buff

Weapon Parts' Buff summary:
  • There are 20 Origin Weapons of each type: 20 Origin Swords, 20 Origin Bows, and 20 Origin Staffs.
Ultimately, a weapon with all 3 parts from an Origin Weapon that are made from the same material will have godlike power and is extremely valuable.