NFT Weapon Reforge

Each NFT weapon initially has an energy source available, when NFT is used for a long time, the energy in that NFT weapon is gradually consumed, leading to reduced durability, which requires players to repair and upgrade. Depending on the star level, the NFT weapon used has different durability and different upgrade conditions.
NFT Weapon’s Durability is deducted when the user plays in each mode as follows:
  • Campaign Mode: 8 points deducted for each map
  • PvP Mode: 2 points deducted for each match
  • Boss Hunt: 1 point deducted for each boss
When NFT Weapon's Durability goes to 0 point, it will not give Characters any extra stats nor skill
When an NFT weapon is reforged, it will take a while to recover. There are 4 recovery levels including Normal, Quick, Flash, and Instant Reforge. Using more MRE will speed up the recovery time.
  • The reforge fee is deducted at the time the player applies the Reforge function
  • Players can choose whenever to reforge NFTs without waiting for the Energy to run out, the formula to calculate Reforge fee at any time is based on the amount of Energy consumed
  • We have updated the latest version including PvP mode and this update will only be available on Android version at the moment to avoid Hacking. More versions will be announced soon.