NFT Weapon Fusion
The NFT Weapon Fusion allows users to combine lower star NFT weapons to upgrade to a higher star NFT weapon.
When the Fusion process is successful, you will be able to pair NFT weapons to an NFT weapon with higher rarity than your previous NFT weapons. If you are lucky, you can merge up to a 6-stars NFT Weapon. However, If it fails, it will create a new NFT weapon with the same rarity as the enchant weapon.
The NFT Weapon Fusion requires:
  • At least 2 of enchant NFT Weapons and a maximum of 3 enchant NFT weapons at the same star level for each pairing
  • NFT Weapons need to have full energy (Durability points) to merge
  • Resources needed for the NFT Fusion include Materials, MRE, and KWS
Note: There is an Insurance Fee to increase the success rate that only applies when the users use 3 NFT weapons to merge.
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