NFT Crafting Recipe
In this post, we will introduce to you the Recipe System in Knight War The Holy Trio. Details below.
As each weapon has 3 separate parts in the game, the recipe used to craft NFT Weapons will also scale from 3 separate parts. In another word, this is the order when you use a recipe to craft NFT Weapons: craft part 1 => craft part 2 => craft part 3. The level (star) of each part will be determined by different types of recipes. The level of the NFT Weapon will be taken from the highest level among the 3 parts.
Each part will have a certain Crafting Point and the percentage of different-level NFT Weapons crafted will be calculated by aggregating the Crafting Point of Each Part. To keep it simple, we will provide a table of NFT Weapon crafting percentages for different recipes below.
High-level recipes have a high percentage of crafting rare Weapons so they are extremely valuable and scarce in the game. You can acquire high-level recipes via our special events like Boss Hunt, Tournament, etc.
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