NFT Weapons

Corresponding to 3 classes Knight, Archer and Mage, Knight War The Holy Trio provides 3 types of weapons Sword, Bow, and Staff. These weapons can be wielded by any character class but there will be extra buffs to the right wielder, i.e. extra buffs for Knights with Swords, Archers with Bow and arrows, and Mages with Magic Staffs.
NFT Weapons

Components Of NFT Weapon

Each NFT weapon is comprised of 3 separated parts:
  • Sword: a sword is made from a Grip, a Guard, and a Blade.
  • Bow: a bow is made from a Grip, a Limb, and an Arrow.
  • Staff: a staff is made from a Body, a Head, and a Core.
After having gathered enough MRE, KWS, ingredients, and recipes, players can craft the complete NFT with unique stats and buffs. Every NFT weapon crafted will have a very low chance of looking like the other ones in the game, making it an absolutely unique item owned by the players. Since all the NFT weapons initially do not have names, players can set the names according to their preferences.
Each weapon, when crafted will have its own 4 base stats: Damage, Speed, Critical Chance, and Health. Wielders will gain the corresponding stats as well as the additional buff (if any) that weapon brings.
These will be required to CRAFT NFT WEAPON (Minting). Currently, Weapons are classified into the following categories according to their tentative rarity:
✩✩✩✩✩✩ 0.03% of the total supply
✩✩✩✩✩ 0.5% of the total supply
✩✩✩✩ 1% of the total supply
✩✩✩ 11% of the total supply
✩✩ 22% of the total supply
✩ 65.47% of the total supply
Rarity is only for reference. The in-game effectiveness will also depend on your team lineup and tactical ability.