NFT Marketplace

Marketplace's address:​
In Knight War The Holy Trio, NFT Marketplace is where players can trade in-game items for cryptocurrencies. Some of the benefits by participating in the sale and exchanging items in Knight War's NFT Marketplace include:
  • Gamers can freely exchange in-game items and currencies via crypto wallets. Users can buy, sell and make a profit to create more advanced items here.
  • On our Marketplace, KWS will be the only official currency used to trade NFT Weapons. This will help further consolidate the importance of KWS in our Marketplace and its inseparable role in Knight War The Holy Trio's ecosystem.
  • Knight War has a professional team behind so we will make sure that the Marketplace will function smoothly. As the game grows, the NFT Marketplace will also grow and accrue value for KWS holders.
There will be a 4% fee associated with NFT trading in the Marketplace in which 3% will go to the Development Fund and 1% will be the rewards for stakers.