How Good Will Your Sword Be When Crafted From Good NFT Materials?
To become an invincible Knight, you need a strong Sword. A strong sword can help you to complete campaign missions, win Boss Hunt, and finish top 1 in PvP arenas. If you are still wondering how to craft a powerful sword, follow this article to the end!
A good sword is created from 5 materials including: Special Ingredients, Sword Crafting Recipe, Fee (including KWS and MRE) and 1 optional material which is NFT enchant. These materials will drop when doing game quests or you can easily find them in Knight War The Holy Trio NFT Marketplace. The rarity and special skills of a sword will be shown by the color of each of its parts. A sword consists of 3 parts: a Blade, a Guard, and a Grip.
And the color of each part will determine the special skill for your sword.
The Normal material is the easiest to find of the 8 materials. A sword crafted from Normal material will not have any special skill. However, note that if 2 or 3 parts of your Sword are crafted from Normal Material, it will have a buff in stats. Your sword will have a special ability to create Explosive effects when forged from Explosive. If you want to stun the enemies, Bashing will be a good choice. When possessing the power of Poisonous, the attacks will have more poison that causes deep and difficult wounds to the enemy. Icy (blue fossil) is like enchanting crystals that will slow and deal great damage to the Demons. A purple fossil material that has the ability to upgrade all of your moves is called Enhanced. What's better than owning a sword that can upgrade not just 1 and 3 skills? Don't forget that you can also double attack when forging a sword with Duplicating (green fossil). A Maximus who can use Moon Slash 2 times in a row is a nightmare to every enemy. The yellow stones (Enraged) will increase the damage of the sword significantly.
That's all the secrets to creating a sword to help you pass all missions in Knight War The Holy Trio. Are you ready to go to battle?
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