Enchant NFT: The Key To High-Rarity NFT Weapon

Crafting NFT Weapons is an important part of Knight War The Holy Trio economy. However, have you properly utilized the special feature Enchant NFT for your in-game crafting? Let’s find out about it in this post.
Enchant NFT is a special feature where you can use 1 NFT Weapon during the Crafting process to increase the rate of receiving High-Rarity NFT Weapon. Each NFT can be used 3 times for enchant. After 3 enchants, you can use the NFT like normal. Moreover, the new NFT Weapon will also have a higher chance to inherit the color from the enchanted NFT. For example, when you enchant a Red-Gray-Green 1-star NFT Weapon for crafting, you will have a higher chance to receive an above 1-star NFT Weapon which has Red, Gray, Green parts.
Note that the higher the star of your enchanted NFT Weapons, the higher the percentage of receiving rare NFT Weapons. Each NFT Weapon will have a certain Crafting Point associated with it (Crafting Point is a combination of star, materials of a Weapon). Once you enchant the NFT, the percentage in the Crafting Recipe will change according to the Crafting Point added.
The flow of Enchant NFT will be as follow: Part 1 Determination => Rarity Determination => Part’s Color Determined => Increase The Chance To Receive That Color In Crafting => Repeat The Process For The Remaining 2 Parts.
Once you have understood the mechanism of Enchant NFT Feature, make sure to utilize it for crafting your targeted Weapons.