How To Craft NFT Weapon?

NFT Crafting/ Minting Ingredients

To craft a weapon part in Knight War The Holy Trio, you will need to gather:
  • Meteor Remnant Essence
  • Knight War Spirit
  • Special Ingredients
  • Recipe
MRE, or Meteor Remnant Essence, is the gameplay token that will be distributed to all players of the game. Players can earn MRE by accomplishing in-game missions like Campaign, Boss Hunt, etc. MRE is BEP-20 compatible, meaning it is tradable with all other BEP-20 compatible tokens. There will be a maximum cap of MRE available to earn each day or each month to prevent inflation.
KWS, or Knight War Spirit, however, are only awarded in World Boss Ranking events, Community Events, and later PvP Ranking events. KWS can be traded on the exchange and is also a BEP-20 compatible token.
Special ingredients or recipes can drop from any game mode, from PvE to PvP contents. To be more specific, in PvE Campaign, there will first be 10 maps (more maps to come), according to 10 battlefields of The Great Alliance vs The Demons. Each Map will feature 10 stages with bosses in between. Each Stage will have a 1-3 star ranking system. Attaining 3 stars will give players the most rewards. The further players progress, the harder the stage will become and the rarer ingredients & recipes will drop. Once a stage is beaten, players can quickly consume “Raid Pass” to earn a percentage of the full rewards from that stage without going through it all over again.
In addition, players can also take part in PvP Boss Hunt to earn materials and recipes. World Bosses are incredibly strong foes designed to gather the strength of all players across the server. Each player can deal damage to the World Boss to reduce its HP. Rewards will be sent to players according to their contribution percentage. The higher the HP taken, the higher the rewards. Players who participate will receive Extra rewards if the World Boss is beaten. Extremely rare rewards will be sent to top damage dealers to the World Boss.
Knight War The Holy Trio also awards players a Free Lucky Spin every day. Furthermore, there are also free rewards are available after a certain milestone of game time. The more players stay inside the game, the better the rewards will be. Make sure to plan your resources wisely to craft the item you want!

Enchant NFT

A tip to get a high-rarity NFT is to “enchant” another NFT during the mint. In another world, you can choose to sacrifice one of your old NFTs to increase the chance to mint a better one. Note that there is a max number each day to enchant an NFT. Meanwhile, the game does not limit the number of NFT minting per day, however, there is a fee associated with this activity.