NFT Mystery Box Guide: Use Or Resell?
Dear Valued Investors,
As our NFT Mystery Box Sale Event Series is approaching, you may still wonder what to do to make the most profit out of your investment. NFT Mystery Boxes are lucky boxes sold during special events of Knight War The Holy Trio. These events are rare opportunities for you to own NFT weapons on the Marketplace at extremely reasonable prices. Therefore, if you are able to join the Whitelist and purchase the boxes, you will most likely earn a handsome profit on your investment.
In the previous publication, we have already introduced the two ways that NFT Box can create value for you: NFT Box as a long-term investment and NFT box as a short-term trading asset. So, which one will bring more profit? Let’s discuss with us.
Open The Box And Use NFT Weapons - A Long Term Approach
Firstly, an advantage of investing in NFT Box in the long term is that it aligns with our team’s long team commitment to developing Knight War The Holy Trio. The game is just at a very early stage where we are gathering the first attraction from the public. The NFT Weapons play a VERY IMPORTANT role in the ecosystem and progression so as the game grows, the value of these NFTs will undoubtedly skyrocket. Moreover, if you use these NFT Weapons to participate in the game, you can even create more value by beating the in-game Levels, completing tasks or winning Special Community Events. All of the rewards you can receive combined with the appreciation in NFT value are definitely something you can not miss.
In addition, by using NFT Weapons and participating in the game, players can also create a stable stream of income everyday. Especially in a pandemic age where making money is becoming harder, it is our most important mission to create a sustainable economy where everyone can relax and earn real income.
Resell The Box Or The NFT Weapon - A Short Term Approach
If you are more of a Short-term Investor, or a Trader, NFT Mystery Box can be a great asset for trading. This strategy suits especially well for investors with little or no time to play the game but still want to get involved with our project. As Knight War The Holy Trio is becoming a very hot GameFi project which has ranked Top 3 on Startup platform, currently on more than 1M investors’ Watchlist, our NFT Mystery Box Sale is definitely a must-join event.
With this short-term approach, investors can feel more secure when they can take profit more quickly however, do keep in mind that you will bypass other lucrative in-game rewards and potential future growth if choosing this strategy.
>>Do notice that there will be a 4% Trading Fee for the NFT Mystery Boxes after being purchased for the first time from the Market.
Each strategy has its own pros and cons. The long-term approach is perfect for gamers and people who want to relax and earn a stable income while the Short-term approach suits investors who do not have too much time to play the game. No matter which strategy you choose, our team is very thankful for your support and we hope that you can continue to stand with us in the future.
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