The Story Of Lucina

Fairy is the species with low number of people but is the birthplace of the greatest mages in Kahlla. The Fairy race holds the secret of ancient magic that carries the power of natural elements (water, fire, air, earth, and ice). The weapons in their hands are powerful staffs to control magic. Because of their fear of being taken advantage of, Mages often live scattered throughout Kahlla and do not settle in a certain location. Thanks to that, they always learn ways to renew their magic.
The Great Meteor Shower was a terrible catastrophe and pushed many creatures on Kahlla to the brink of extinction, but the Fairy was the race that suffered the least. After the disaster, they also agreed to join the peace treaty with other tribes to rebuild Kahlla peace and development. However, not long after, the Demons discovered the secret hidden in the meteor’s fossils. They absorbed the power, became very large, and had the ability to heal and resist conventional weapons on Kahlla. The Devils kept this secret for themselves with the ambition to solely start the war to become the dominant species of Kahlla. The dark ages of Kahlla after the meteor shower really began. Demons searched for the Fairy’s magicians everywhere, threatening to force them to hide in the depths of the canyons. Even the most powerful wizards of the Fairy stood no chance against the Demons now because their strength was now too terrible. As for the Demons, they didn’t want the Fairy race to know their secret because if the powerful magicians knew the power of meteor fossils, their magic would become unimaginable. The Fairy’s citizens had to retreat and hide to wait for the day when Kahlla returned to peace.
Lucina is a member of the Fairy clan. With long golden hair and a playful, mischievous personality, the little mage always brings joy to everyone around her. Born as a Wizard, Lucina is an extremely kind girl who is always ready to help others in need. After her entire clan was attacked, Lucina was not subdued but secretly followed the Demons. Lucina realized that every time they used the power from Meteor Remnants, the Devils grew bigger and stronger. Managing to steal some of the shining stones, Lucina and some other people in the clan researched and discovered the secret that the demons were hiding. If she combines this fossil with her staff, an amazing source of power would be awakened, and together with their ancient spells, they could now defeat the Demons army. Said to be done, the Fairy’s clan with Lucina’s consent brought her staff out to experiment with meteor stones. A mighty staff was formed. With the staff in hand, Sam cast a spell, the blue light from the staff causing a huge explosion. This explosion caused the Devils to discover Lucina, she swung her staff to create an icy area around, followed by a spell that caused 7 ice explosions that slowed and dealt massive damage to the Devils. . The wound from Lucina’s staff made the Devils unable to heal themselves and had to retreat. She told everyone in the clan and showed them how to forge the staff. Although now she found a way to repel the demons, Lucina was still worried about everyone in the tribe everywhere and the people of other races. She decided to set out on a journey for Kahlla’s peace.
On her way, she met Markus and Anemone and she was amazed that these two had also found a way to utilize the Meteor Remnant Essence. Accepting Markus’s offer, Lucina joined the team and became an unstoppable force in the battle. If the knight Markus has strong health, carries a sword that deals massive, Anemone is an accurate archer with an astonishing attack speed and great damage, then Lucina can balance the two, not only she can deal AoE damage but also has the ability to slow down enemies. The journey of 3 friends represented the unity of 3 races with 3 different personalities but share the same goal, the peace of Kahlla.