The Story Of Anemone

The Elves are one of the noblest races in the Kahlla Kingdom, they were here even before Humans and Demons appeared. The South of Kahlla is a warm land, full of sunshine and joy. If the North is the birthplace of the noble Knights with excellent sword skills, Legendary Archers are born in the southern land.
After the Meteor Shower wiped out more than half of the lives on Kahlla, the Elves and other races including Humans, Florians, Elementals, Beasts, and Demons in the South made a peace treaty and united to form the Alliance to rebuild the land. However, the Demons took advantage of the catastrophe and used the alien power from the Meteor to make them stronger. Because the Elves were afraid of the Demon’s corruption as well as their sudden growth, they sent a young hero to spy on the Demon’s army. Her name is Anemone.
Anemone was born in the most elite clan of the Elves. Her clan is very well-known for their assassinating skills and they were the spearhead of a secret organization established by the Elven King to annihilate any threats to his kingdom. Indeed, they were so incredibly effective that let no prey slip. From a young age, Anemone followed her mother and other Elves to practice archery, soon showing that she is a very smart and agile girl. When Anemone was just 10 years old, she could easily hit the center of the bullseye board multiple times with her eyes closed. When she turned 14, she became the youngest Elve to join the Royal Army, the pinnacle of the Elven military force. Since then, she has been regarded in the South as the descendant of the legendary Shen Tien.
Despite having a natural talent, Anemone has never been arrogant and always kept training to break the limit of her skills. Entrusted by the whole Elven council for the important task, Anemone left her kingdom and ventured to the northern land of Kahlla. During her journey, Anemone had encountered the Demons countless times and saw the cruel things they do to the citizens of Kahlla. She was also there the day the noble Human Knight army was wiped out. Even the mightiest warriors of the Humans could not defy the unstoppable force of the Demons. It seemed that this trip to the North was hopeless…
Thankfully, Anemone met Markus, a young Human who was on his way to find other heroes to fight the Demon’s forces. Markus was impressed with Anemone’s marksmanship, her speed was something Markus had never seen before so he offered Anemone to join his team. The Elven archer also realized that there was something special about this young Knight and finally accepted his offer. Anemone, after learning that Markus could defeat the Demons in the North, has asked him to help her in the South. Markus also revealed his secret behind the growth of the Demons and the magical power of Meteor Remnant Essence to weapons. She then crafted her new bow under the guidance of Markus and named it Windstalker. Just like its name, the arrow from this bow flies even faster than the speed of the wind and pierces through the thickest armors.
On the way back to the liberation of the South, Anemone and Markus form an invincible team, defeating any Demons they encountered. While Markus was a reliable and solid shield in the frontline, Anemone’s arrows became the nightmare of the Demons army. They gave her a worthy name, “Death From The Sky”, and fled every time they saw these two.
Anemone and Markus’ journey to bring peace back to Kahlla has only just begun. Let’s wait and see who is the next hero to join them!