Class Mage

The Clever Mages of The Alliance
Mages are lifetime learners. They have traveled all over Kahlla to learn about every culture, lore, and "magic". Magic is an ancient strength containing incredible power that every species desires. However, only the wisest and most eminent individuals can comprehend such knowledge...
Mages are also known as masters of magic. Mages are the balance between Archers and Knights. Their spells are strong and able to both damage as well as occasionally slow down enemies. They have more HP and armor than Archers but less than Knights. Mages cannot use swords and bows very well but they are unbeatable when they have their staff by their side.
LUCINA - The Fairy Mage is one of the three featured warriors of Knight War The Holy Trio, She is also one of the first characters available for players to experience early in the game. Progressing through the game, players will have a chance to control many other mages with their own unique abilities.