Class Knight
The Mighty Knight of The Alliance

About The Knight

Renowned heroes of The Great Alliance, the Knights are the most elite army protecting the Human Kingdom. Vowing on their Swords, these fearsome warriors will never let any Demon pass through their watch...
Knights are the brave front-line heroes. They can be regarded as the reliable shield of your team. Their attack speed is pretty low but well compensated with a high HP, high defense, and high damage stats. Some may think Knights are suitable only for close and mid-range combat but this is not the case. They can deal impressive damage even in long-distance and occasionally create an AoE shockwave blast that passes through enemies. Knights can use every weapon, but only with Sword that he will shine.
MARKUS - The Human Knight is one of the three featured warriors in Knight War: The Holy Trio, he is also one of the first characters available for players to experience early in the game. While progressing through the campaign, players will have chances to get many other knights with their unique abilities.
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