Hero Classes

In-game Classes

Knight War The Holy Trio upholds the Idle Defense game genre involving a war-like setup between the Alliance and the Demons forming defensive strategies and providing a revolutionary experience for gamers. Players will gain access to three classes: The Mighty Knight, The Sharp Archer, and the Clever Mage. In the future, the game will introduce new playable classes along with their favorite weapon NFT.
Each class will have distinctive characters available for players to experience. Different characters will have different skillsets and strengths. To progress through the game, players must understand the powers of their champions and form suitable strategies to beat the enemies.
  • Knight: Knights are your brave front-line heroes. Knights attack a single target with an occasional pass-through blast. Their attack speed may be low, but they make it up with a high HP, high defense, and high damage.
  • Archer: Archers are the ones attacking from behind. They fire through waves after waves of enemies very fast with incredible damage, which bypasses that of Knights. But you should equip a strong front line to cover for their fragility.
  • Mage: Mages strike the balance between Archers and Knights. They can attack multiple targets at once. Their spells are strong, able to both damage and slow down enemies. They have more HP and armor than Archer but can not compete with Knight in this regard.
Each class will have their preferred weapon which gives them extra strength on the battlefield.