Boss Stone Golem

Hidden deep in the hot deserts is the abode of Demons. For a long time, this barren desert land was once the magnificent kingdom of the Kahlla residents and the intersection between Humans, Elves, and Beasts’ civilizations. Yet after many wars, the Demons have invaded this land and pushed the other clans out of their homes. They quickly exhausted the natural resources here and turned this place into a base for testing the most terrible experiments on the Kahlla residents.
One of their cruel experiments was to channel the power of the meteor remnants into prisoners to create superweapons. As we all know, Demons can absorb energy from falling meteors. However, they can only absorb a very small amount before experiencing several side effects such as shapeshifting or becoming ferocious, etc. With boundless greed and a desire to gain even greater power, Demons experiment with injecting high doses of meteorites compounds into prisoners to test the limit of this strange energy. There are few creatures that can absorb this extraterrestrial energy and most turn to ash instantly. Unfortunately, in one experiment, the Demons succeeded.
The Stone Golems are one of the rarest and oldest races in the entire Kahlla. Legend has it that they have lived through the millennia since life began. They are one neutral ethnic group, living in harmony with nature. The existence of the Stone Golem was once likened to a mysterious fable because of their rare appearance. Throughout the history of Kahlla, there are only a handful of recorded encounters with the Stone Golem. During a march to the volcanic region of Kahlla, the Demons encountered a Stone Golem moving towards his abode. With their enhanced strength, they attacked this Stone Golem. It was not an easy task as Stone Golems are giants, they have the power of a god and can easily knock away an entire army in the blink of an eye. It took thousands of enhanced Demons to overpower him. They brought him back to base and injected the inmate's body with meteoric powers. That dose was enough to strengthen a hundred Demons soldiers! The Stone Golem roared, his whole body turned red like lava, he quickly deformed, growing bigger and bigger like a mountain. The Stone Golem has forgotten everything, now there is only anger and desire to destroy in his mind. The Demons have successfully created one of the worst nightmares and one of The Alliance's unstoppable enemies, a god of destruction...