Boss Orc Chieftan

Orcs were once considered to be part of the Elven clan, living among the damp caves of the Misty Mountains. Orcs are known to be hot-headed creatures with a habit of resolving to brute force to get what they one. They live in tribes, governed loosely by a chieftain. Each year, younger Orcs are allowed to challenge their chieftain in a fight, whoever wins will become the next leader of the pack. Though Orcs managed ironwork on their own, as well as stonework, their tools were often inferior to those of more disciplined races such as the High Elves. The traditional orcish culture was extremely warlike. Orcs never build cities of their own, instead, they rely on robbing and taking from races with less strength.
Orcs continued to spread their claws to the far and wide of Kahlla until the Elven King decided to put an end to it. He ordered an army of his most excellent man to capture the Orc Chieftain and his close subordinate. Elven guards with swift moves and strategic minds easily captured the Orc leader on his hunt and brought him back to The Elven Capital. The Elven King put forward a deal if the Orcs agree to stop their disturbance, they can have their Chieftain back. With their pride and desire for wat, Orcs denied the Elven King’s offer. The instant the news hit their base, Orcs were filled with rage. They marched to their Elven Capital, demanding to take the King’s head. Of course, the Orcs’ weapons and fighting skills were no match to the Elves. After a month of constant fighting, only a few Orcs were left unscathed, most of which are female and children. The Orcs are forced to make a pact with the Elves. Their Chieftain would be chosen by the Elven King, Orcs will have to behave orderly, no more stealing and killing. In exchange, Elves would provide them with stocks and food. From that day, Orcs were considered to be part of the Elven clan.
Dhukk - the son of the old Orc Chieftain was raised surrounded by resentment towards the Elves. He grew up with his father mumbling about how the Orcs were the superior race and how filthy the Elves were, slaughtering his family, turning them into slaves. Dhukk trained and trained, looking for the day he could chop the Elven King’s head off. On one of his hunts through the Last Desert, Dhukk eavesdrops on the Demons talking about their plans of taking over Kahlla. He gathered a group of Orcs and went to the coup of the corrupted Demons. He offered to join their army, in return, he wanted the chance to execute the Elven King. The Demons agreed under one condition. He had to let them run MRE experiment on him. The deal was made, after the dose, the Orc growled and grew double its size.
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