Boss Mother Thorn

Once upon a time, the forests of Kahlla had been close friends to all species. They provided habitat for thousands of creatures, provided resources to build the prosperity of kingdoms, and were a beautiful resting place for travelers. Guarding the forests were the Florians, who are friendly and hospitable creatures, but also very strict with trespassers.
Mirkwood was once such a forest. Located on the westernmost point of Kahlla, Mirkwood was once a very beautiful place and inhabited by some of the Elves. If you were lucky enough to travel through here at that time, you could easily come across extremely beautiful flowers and also hear the magical lullabies of the Forest Elves humming here and there. Unfortunately, now Mirkwood is no longer such a wonderland…
With a strategic location in the West, the gateway to trade between the Human and Elve kingdoms, Mirkwood quickly became the first target of the Demons. After gaining superior strength from the Meteor Shower remnants, the Demons immediately dispatched a mighty army, led by the evil Demon Mother Thorn, to Mirkwood. Mother Thorn is one of the supreme magicians of the Demons. She was once a Mirkwood Fairy, however, she secretly performed ancient dark magic to transform the Florians here. As more and more Florians went missing, the commander of the Forest Elves opened an investigation and discovered Thorn’s wrongdoing. The transformed Florians were completely different, extremely ferocious and belligerent. They attacked whoever approaching them. Mother Thorn was punished and the Elves’ Commander cast a spell and imprisoned her in a thousand-year-old tree. However, with her cunning and strength, Thorn managed to escape and joined the Demons’ army. Under the spell of the Elves, Mother Thorn now takes the form of an old tree. She can hide and appear to capture prey, can summon a series of transformed Florians, and can also heal her allies thanks to the spells inherited from the Wood Elves. With ambitions of revenge, Mother Thorn returned to Mirkwood and captured any inhabitants there. Now, Mirkwood is a place full of dangers. If you pass by here, you will still hear the lullabies of the Wood Elves, but be careful. Cover your ears and go fast because…
Mother Thorn is coming.