Boss Azuhan

Thousands of years ago, the Plateau of Gorgoroth in the south of Kahlla was a sunny and joyful land, where all creatures lived peacefully together. After the devastating Meteor Shower, the remaining tribes signed a peace treaty to rebuild a prosperous Kahlla. However, not long after, the Demon discovered the power hidden in the fossils of meteors that made them larger, resistant to conventional weapons. They became greedy and wanted to rule the whole Kahlla. At the Plateau of Gorgoroth, the Demons absorb the power of meteors and gain many special abilities, some with extra damage buffs, and some with stealth and sneak attacks. But one thing they have in common, when they absorb and strengthen their power, they become very cruel and ferocious. Furthermore, they also have the ambition to monopolize the Meteor power and put the remaining races into slavery. They captured the clans’ chiefs and commanders and made them become their minions.
Azuhan are the guardians of the Plateau of Gorgoroth. The Azuhan tribal people are very large and have a head of a dog, they are usually equipped with armor and weapons to protect the peace of their territory. Azuhan are very renowned for their power and strength. Their unrivalled sizes also make them fearful warriors on the battlefield. The Demons know this and they want to take advantage of the Azuhan army. With their new enhanced strength, they captured Azuhans and forced them to absorb the meteoric power and instilled in their heads bad ambitions. After being tortured for a long period of time combined with the side effects of the meteor’s alien energy, the gentle Azuhans gradually change. Now their eyes are bloodshot, their bodies are now also deformed with fangs and pale skin accompanied by growls that make the opponent tremble. The Demons now have a true terror to annihilate any resistance to their power.