Game Story

The chronicle of Kahlla.
"A long time ago, the Great Meteor Shower destroyed most life on our world, Kahlla. After much grievance and sorrow, all species including us humans signed a peace treaty to unite and build back the world we once had. In a short period, peace and unity propelled our world into a more advanced and developed place than ever before. But peace did not last...
The Demons, on an excursion to study the remnants of the Ancient Meteor Shower, discovered a powerful source of energy that only they could absorb. This mysterious energy made them much bigger and stronger than ever before. Being the sole side to have found the new power, their army and greedy nature grew uncontrollably. They planned a coup and attacked all other factions for control of power...
They soon gained control most of the lands and resources, pushing all other species to very small areas to survive. Finally, The Humans, The Elves, The Florians, The Elementals, and The Beast had to come together to form an Alliance to defend against the Demons.
The Alliance soon discovered the source of power that fuelled the Demons’ uprising. It turned out that, hidden inside the remnants of the meteor was a valuable resource that the Demons had not touched. They called it Meteor Remnant Essence (MRE). Humans and Elves, with our high intelligence, were able to utilize the MRE to forge so powerful weapons that could defy the Demons. Now, with the new strength, the Alliance can finally defend themselves and gain an edge against the enemy on the battlefield. The day for peace is finally here. That, my child, is the start of the Knight War..."
The war is coming.