Singleplayer Feature

1. PvE Campaign

Campaign Mode is the most important game mode of the game since it is aligned with Knight War The Holy Trio's storyline and also drops many important ingredients to craft NFT like Meteor Remnant Essence (MRE), special materials, or recipes. The details of Campaign Mode is summarized below:
  • There will first be 10 maps (more maps to come), according to 10 battlefields of The Great Alliance vs The Demons.
  • Each Map will feature 10 stages with bosses in between.
  • Each Stage will have a 1-3 star ranking system. Attaining 3 stars will give players the most rewards.
  • The further players progress, the harder the stage will become and rarer items will drop.
  • Once a stage is beaten, players can quickly consume “Raid Pass” to earn a percentage of the full rewards from that stage without going through it all over again.
Campaign's Stage

2. Daily Rewards

In addition, a free lucky spin is awarded to players daily. Players can get extra free resources for progression. Moreover, the game also appreciates dedicated players and grants Free Rewards after a certain milestone of game time. The more players stay inside the game, the better the rewards will be.