PvP Mode

If you are getting too used to the daily Campaign Modes and Boss Hunt, let’s put your tactical ability to the test and challenge other players in the PvP Arena. Gather your best teams and weapons to show up among the top rank of Knight War Beta PvP Tournament. Now let’s look at the detailed rules and reward system:
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    How To Play:
  • Each user can unlock multiple heroes but will only be able to choose 5 heroes to participate in the battle.
  • The more optimal the arrangement of the hero lineup, the higher the probability of victory.
  • Players will randomly match with their opponents.
  • You’ll get rewarded with points for each victory and lose some for each lost battle.
  • Each account has 10 tickets per day to join PvP.
  • There are 2-time frames available for players to participate in the PvP Arena: Time frame 1: 3:00 - 5:00 UTC & Time frame 2: 13:00 - 15:00 UTC.
2. Reward System
The Rewards system of Beta PvP is as follows:
  • 🥇First prize: 1 diamond Box + 5000KWS
  • 🥈Second Prize: 1 Platinum Box + 3000KWS
  • 🥉Third Prize: 1 Golden Box + 1000KWS
  • 🏅Consolation Prize(For Top 4-100): 1 Bronze Box
3. Reward Distribution Period
Each PvP ranking period will last for 14 days. The rewards will be distributed based on cumulative points gained after battles. Basically, the reward distribution method will be similar to that of Boss hunt.
Thank you and good luck!
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