Class Archer
The Sharp Archer of The Alliance

About The Archer

The Archer army is very infamous for their assassinating skill. Formerly, they were an anonymous organization established by the Elven King to annihilate any threats to his kingdom. Indeed, they were incredibly effective that let no prey slip. After having joined the Alliance, the Archer has become a powerful ally with their accurate arrows. "Death From The Sky", that's what the Demons called them...
Archers are your accurate and deadly snipers. They attack from behind and their arrows can pierce through the strongest armors. They fire through waves after waves of enemies very fast with incredible damage, which even bypasses that of Knights. However, Archer is a very fragile class with low HP and low defense. For that reason, you should equip a stronger front line to cover for their fragility. Archers can wield swords or staffs, but they can never use them as well as their bows. Therefore, crafting a perfect NFT Bow for your Archer is the way to bring the best out of them.
ANEMONE - The Elven Archer is one of the three featured warriors of Knight War The Holy Trio. She is also one of the first characters available for players to experience early in the game. Progressing through the game, players will have a chance to control many other archers with their own unique abilities.
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